Stage Hypnosis Made Easy

Stage Hypnosis Made EasyFrom the back cover: Clear, Simple and Reliable Techniques That Get You Dependable Results Here s the quickest easiest way for you to succeed in Stage Hypnosis. Don t misunderstand… you don t need a stage to do this. Stage hypnosis simply means hypnosis for entertainment in groups. You can do this on stage for hundreds of people, in an auditorium, in a classroom, even in someone s living room! No need for props and equipment. The skills you learn here are all you need! Just show up and perform one of the highest paying acts in showbiz! Master Hypnotist Bill Gladwell takes you through it step by step teaching you everything you need to know to be performing sooner than you think! Hypnotize like an expert in no time at all! Don t try this with any other guide or DVD! – What is a trance. – He teaches what hypnosis REALLY is. – Bill teaches various inductions including instant inductions and hand shake inductions. – What size groups are best for your shows. – What people to bring up on stage. (This may surprise you!) – Who not to bring onto stage. – What to do if a cell phone rings. – Why negative hallucinations are vital! – Why a classic deepener you may have learned elsewhere might actually BREAK a trance! – Bill even teaches a way of dealing with hecklers that is so sure-fire and so funny you ll hope someone heckles you! – He teaches the importance of rapport, the pre-talk, suggestibility test, pattern interrupts, imbedded commands, post hypnotic suggestions and more! In fact, you ll even watch as Bill brings up subjects, and with no rehearsal or preparation, takes you step by step through a show! This seminar is one of the hardest environments to use these skills, yet he pulls it off and teaches exactly how you can do it too! Everything you need to know with none of the time wasting fluff or filler you ll find elsewhere. There s big business in Stage Hypnosis and this four DVD set make it so easy to learn, you ll wonder why you haven t been doing it (and making the big bucks) for years! This is the part-time job you can do on the side that will bring in the full-time pay! Not the world’s greatest production, but ROCK SOILD CONTENT! Watch these DVDs and learn this fun and profitable skill today!

Price: $200.00

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